Facility Services & Maintenance Management

Facilities Services & Maintenance Melbourne

Here at Corporate Cleaning Group, we believe that clean, clutter-free facilities engage your workforce and attract clients. We offer the whole spectrum of facility management solutions to help your commercial space present its most aesthetically pleasing front yet.

Hygiene & Sanitary Services

You can depend on CCG's professionals to offer facility management services that uphold the highest hygiene and sanitary standards in your office, factory, boutique, studio or store. We understand that the washroom or bathroom is a confluence point of any workspace, a place where healthfulness is either made or broken. In this view, we bring you an integrated suite of solutions, products and services that diminish the proliferation of harmful pathogens in your environment.

Rubbish & Waste Management

CCG enacts some of the most sustainable facility services by adopting eco-friendly, cost-effective programs in waste management and disposal. CCG can assemble the best collection service for your company, with the appropriate container size and collection frequency, without risking injury or damage to property.

Similarly, CCG can arrange forward-thinking recycling plans for your company, such as locked recycling for sensitive or confidential documents; and co-mingled recycling for glass bottles, plastic containers, aluminium cans, and other non-pulp, non-paper recyclables.

Air-conditioning Servicing & Cleaning

Our team of expert technicians can develop and implement a program of preventative maintenance services to improve the microclimate of your working space. They can schedule thorough tune-ups of your heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation systems to maintain their energy efficiency and forestall costly repairs.

Programmed Maintenance Services

CCG can bring out the most hygienic, sanitary, uncluttered, and temperate version of your workplace with the help of qualified tradespeople who adhere to rigorous Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) standards. These experts can customise programmed maintenance services to suit the most challenging requirements of your premises.

General Maintenance

We can competently and expediently respond to repairs for everything from flood damage to faulty electrical wiring. We also address general maintenance issues, e.g. plumbing, painting, and electrical works.

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