Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Dry Cleaning Melbourne

You may need more help than you care to admit with your carpet. It may have become filthy beyond your best efforts, or you are just having trouble getting it cleaned regularly.

CCG can dry clean carpets for a reasonable quote. Dry-cleaning a carpet is your best choice if you are pressed for time: say, when you urgently need the room for a meeting. There are four steps involved in the dry cleaning process, all of which ensure a professional and high quality service.

(1) Thorough industrial strength vacuum of the whole area to remove all loose debris

(2) Pre-treatment of stains with specialised cleaning solutions.

(3) The carpet dry cleaning machine agitates the carpet surface to lift dirt and stains from the carpet. the carpet.

(4) Finally, your carpet is groomed after cleaning to reset the pile and provide a neat and tidy finish.

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