Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne

Unlike dry-cleaning, steam-cleaning carpets literally uses steam to help clean your carpets. The latter takes more time than the former but the quality can be worth it. So if you want your carpet to resemble its former glory, steam cleaning may be the better option. Have our professional steam cleaners undo days of dirt and revitalise your carpet through a meticulous process that includes:

(1) Thorough industrial strength vacuum of the whole area to remove all loose debris. Proficient cleaning and attention to this step is important as it leaves less dry soil and contaminants which helps to reduce the muddy mixture that results from the application of steam in subsequent steps.

(2) Pre-treatment of stains with specialised cleaning solutions.

(3) A carpet steam cleaning machine is used that cleans the carpet with steam and cleaning solution. The steam is dispensed in a way that does not leave the carpet too wet.

(4) The carpet should then be allowed to completely dry for approximately six hours before replacing any furniture on it.

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