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Hygiene & Sanitary Services

Dependable washroom solutions, bathroom products and cleaning services


Everyone uses the washroom! CCG offers both dependable washroom hygiene and specialist urinal and toilet cleaning programmes through a range of products and consumables.

CCG's washroom hygiene solutions and specialist cleaning services ensure that your washroom consistently meets a high standard of hygiene. Our Sanitary services include regular visits from our trained and uniformed staff, which provide dependable and discreet hygiene services across Melbourne.

Essential toilet products and washroom consumables

Along with our washroom services, CCG also supplies a range of other products and commercial services which include air fresheners, soap dispensers, hand drying systems (paper or air), seat cleaners, sanitisers, feminine hygiene units and other hygiene services.


Air Fresheners
Your washrooms will stay fresh and welcoming with our fragrance and pure air freshening units.


Feminine Hygiene
Learn about our sanitary bins with our unique "CCG Green" granules that inhibit the growth of bacteria while deodorising.


Hand Washing & Hand Drying
Proper hand washing and hand drying is essential to good hygiene. Choose from CCG's paper towel, hand dryers and soap dispenser solutions.


Infant Changing Solutions
Equip your washroom with baby changing tables, nappy disposal solutions and other infant essentials.


Toilet and Cubicle Hygiene
Our sanitising solutions reduce the risks of cross contamination by treating the surfaces of the toilet and cubicle where bacteria are known to thrive.


Urinal Hygiene
Find out how our urinal hygiene solutions reduce the risk of infection, remove unpleasant odours, improve hygiene and even reduce water usage.


Bathroom Product Range
Discover our no-touch products for improved washroom hygiene as well as CCG's elegant Metalskin range for the premium washrooms.

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