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Routine Cleaning


Whether your site requires daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning, CCG can tailor a program to meet your specific needs and budget. We don't place set parameters around what we do or how we do it. Rather, we believe the client defines the job, our role being to recommend and deliver the most professional, efficient and innovative solution possible. CCG is available for routine and office cleaning in Melbourne, whether in the CBD or elsewhere.

Our cleaners will leave no part of your commercial property unkempt. The full range of our services clears filth, clutter and waste from all corners of your establishment, including the washroom and kitchen. You can enjoy this calibre of cleanliness daily by requesting a quote now.

Cleaning Sink

Daily Cleaning Services

If you want your business property to look beautiful on a daily basis, get CCG as your contract cleaning provider. We can carry out a broad scope of cleaning and maintenance tasks throughout your office or business unit - every day if you need it. Here are some of what you can expect of our cleaners:

  • Washroom Cleaning

  • Waste removal

  • Kitchen & Food preparation area cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning & maintenance

  • Hard floor cleaning & maintenance

  • Meeting Room & General Office area cleaning

  • Customer display and showroom cleaning

  • Detailed “Front of House & Presentation Area” cleaning

  • Replenishment of supplies & requisites

Cleaning the Office

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