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Security Camera

Site & Commercial Security Services


Expect sheer peace of mind when you let us guard your property.

CCG is always one step ahead of changing information, especially if it involves a potential security compromise. Using a sophisticated electronic system of alarms complemented by manned despatch patrols, CCG can empower you with adequate intelligence to foil break-ins, burglary, and other unauthorised behaviour. The presence of CCG's all-day, all-night surveillance services alone can ease your worries. Give CCG a call about commercial security today.

Routine Security Services

Threats to safety and security are foreseeable with the right tools and minds.

For 24/7 security monitoring, CCG can assist with back-to-base monitoring via electronic surveillance and mobile despatch patrols. We can equip your property with a foolproof alarm system, helping you curb security breaches at all times. Alternatively, we can provide 24-hour manned surveillance services to secure key sites and further protect your business.


So don't waste another minute exposing yourself and your property to danger. Entrust office security to CCG today.

Cleaning the Office

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