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Rubbish & Waste Management

CCG offers collection and sorting services for:


  • Paper and cardboard
    CCG provides recycling services to offices, commercial premises, schools, industrial and manufacturing organisations, and any other location that generates paper and cardboard for recycling.

  • Locked recycling
    Designed for the recycling of sensitive documents, this service is suited to businesses that need to ensure such documents are appropriately handled.

  • Drop-off bins
    CCG provides access to drop-off bins to deposit recyclable material. Please check with CCG for available hours and the types of materials accepted.


Co-mingled Waste

Glass bottles and jars, plastic containers, aluminium and steel cans can all be placed in a separate recycling bin to paper and cardboard for collection and sorting. This service is ideal for many of our customers' businesses, particularly those in hospitality who generate a great deal of co-mingled materials but little paper.

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General/Waste Management

Unfortunately not everything can be recycled! As waste levies rise and our commitment to environmental sustainability grows, organisations are increasingly investigating ways in which they can reduce rubbish disposal costs and integrate environmentally sustainable waste management plans.

CCG will assess your needs to recommend and determine the right service type, container size and collection frequency for your site. We are trained to complete a full safety and risk analysis of the collection service selected for your site. This process ensures that we understand your site requirement and that the risk of injury or damage to property is alleviated when we perform services.

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